Water Resources Management Agency, Ministry of Nature Protection

The Water Resources Management Agency under the Ministry of Nature Protection has the responsibility for implementing the government’s water resources management and protection plans under the Water Code (2002). This includes providing water availability and use estimates; enforcing water use regulations and allocations; issuing water use permits; monitoring; developing river basin management plans; ensuring that environmental needs for water are being met; and classifying water bodies. 

The mandates of the Agency include the following:
•    Ensuring development and implementation of basin management plans
•    Issuing water use permits and transfer of the rights set by water use permits to other individuals; releasing the requirement of water use permits; suspending, altering or cancelling of water use permits in cases of violation of the requirements of the water use permits by water users 
•    Registering documents in and providing information from the State Water Cadastre 
•    Monitoring of water resources
•    Forming a view on the volumes of water use, water discharge and water losses in water systems 
•    Organizing public notifications on documents prepared by the agency
•    Issuing orders for preparing maps on conservation zones of water ecosystems 
•    Implementing the conservation of water resources; maintaining water metering equipment; and overseeing water resources use, inventory and regime as defined by water use permits
•    Organizing regular analysis (through specialized laboratories) of the quantitative and qualitative indicators of wastewater discharged into basins
•    Issuing orders for the monitoring of water resources 

In order to ensure timely provision of information for decision-making, the Water Code of the Republic of Armenia established a sound data information system: the State Water Cadastre (SWC). The SWC provides preliminary data on the location, quantity and quality of water resources based on the type of water use. It also assesses the type of water system used for water storage, transportation, distribution and treatment, and for wastewater removal.



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