Sevan National Park is a state non-commercial organization under the Ministry of Nature Protection. The National Park was established in 1978 for the preservation, sensible use and reproduction of natural resources of Lake Sevan. The area of the park was designated as a Ramsar site on July 6, 1993.

 Lake Sevan itself is recognized as a national treasure and is a state property. The land between the lake and surrounding circular road is under the protection of the Sevan National Park. The park administration is responsible for most of the Sevan National Park land. The remaining park land is agricultural (4%) or devoted to hotels, motels and camping (2%).

 All of the other parts of the basin of the lake (339 000 ha) form an external protective zone around the Sevan National Park. About 100 settlements with a total population of 275 000 inhabitants are situated here.

 The Sevan National Park is a state institution protecting an area of 150 100 ha, which includes both the lake itself and 24 800 ha of surrounding land. The core zone of the park includes the lake, and the park also incorporates a number of smaller reserves and reservations. There are three main zoning areas: the core (reserve) zone, a recreation zone and a zone for economic use. The reserve zones are Noradus (416 ha), Lichk (645 ha), Karchaghbyur (210 ha) and Artanish (2 243 ha). The boundaries between the recreation and economic zones have not yet been established or mapped.

 The external protective zone covers the remainder of the Lake Sevan basin. The administrative offices of the Sevan National Park are situated in the town of Sevan.


Within the Sevan National Park, land use is determined by zones. No activities except for research are allowed in the reserved zone. Restricted human activities are allowed on the recreation and economic zones, by consent of the SNP administration.

The Park is managed as a research centre, which monitors the ecosystem and undertakes various conservation measures. Since 1996, the Park has also regulated a licensed commercial fishery on Lake Sevan.



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