The State Hydrometeorological Monitoring Service, a state non-commercial organization (SNCO) of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia was founded in 1930. It is the only state-authorized hydrometeorological body, and is responsible for the provision of reliable and high-quality meteorological, hydrological, agrometeorological and climatological information to the government, the general public and all sectors of the economy.


The Service currently operates and maintains 47 meteorological stations (including 6 high-mountain and 3 specialized stations), 2 agrometeorological stations, 7 hydrological stations, and 94 hydrological observation posts.


The distribution of these hydrological observation posts is as follows:

•      4 on lakes

•      4 on reservoirs

•      86 on rivers


The following hydrological parameters are measured at hydrological stations:

•      Water level (gauge or recorder)

•      Water temperature

•      Ice phenomena and types  

•      Water evaporation (at 11 stations)

•      Water discharge


The data are collected at each point twice a day. At a lesser frequency (about 30 observations annually) a river discharge measurement is made at each post. With the data collected from all observation posts, staff at the Hydrometeorological Service headquarters in Yerevan processes the data and prepares annual reference books.

Due to limited resources, the Service has curtailed the following measurements and analyses: observations of water turbidity and solid substances; a semi-annual survey of cross-sections at each observation point; observation and analysis of sediments, deformations and dam stability in reservoirs and lakes; mudflows and snowpack measurements.


The Hydrometeorological Service is responsible for providing users with operations data;  developing a hydrological yearbook; and developing and issuing hydrological bulletins, warnings and forecasts (daily, monthly and decadal).




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