The Environmental Impact Monitoring Centre (EIMC), a state non-commercial organization under the Ministry of Nature Protection is in charge of water quality monitoring of surface water resources in Armenia. The EIMC has regional centres in Vanadzor (Northern basin) and Kapan (Southern Basin). At present, EIMC has two complex laboratories (air, water, and soil) and one air laboratory.


The number of water quality sampling points has increased to 131 since 2005. Since 2007, EIMC has been in full operation with 1 300-1 500 samples from all 131 observation posts (6-12 samples per year).


Currently, surface water quality in Armenia is assessed in line with the principles of the European Union Water Framework Directive. Government Resolution No 75-N “On Defining Water Quality Norms for Each Water Basin Management Area taking into Consideration Local Specifics”, adopted on January 27, 2011, defines a set of surface water quality elements and parameters. The approach sorts each chemical element into a quality class: high (1st class), good (2nd class), moderate (3rd class), poor (4th class) and bad (5th class).


Currently, the surface water quality monitoring programme implemented by the EIMC covers the following water quality parameters:

•      Thermal conditions: water temperature

•      Oxygenation conditions: O2, oxygen saturation, BOD5, CODCr

•      Nutrient conditions: Ptotal, PO4, NO3, Ntotal, NH4, NO2 (in 2012 the EIMC started to analyse total organic carbon and total bounded nitrogen)

•      Mineralization: salinity, Cl-, SO42-, carbonates, hydro-carbonates, TDS, hardness, conductivity

•      Acidification status: pH

•      Other parameters: floating debris, color, TSS (total suspended solids), silicate, Li, Na, K, Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, B, Se, F, Al, chlorinated pesticides, oil products, benzene


•      Heavy metals: As, Cd, Pb, Mo, Ni, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Sb, Mo, V, Ti, Cr, Co, Bi, Sn, Ag.




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