The Shared Environmental Information System (ENPI-SEIS) project


The European Environment Agency (EEA) and Zoï Environment Network are engaged in implementation of a project for improving environmental monitoring and information sharing in the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) countries and the Russian Federation. The aim is to gradually extend the Shared Environment Information System (SEIS) principles. The main outcomes of the ENPI-SEIS project will address the three SEIS components – cooperation, content and infrastructure – through enhanced networking with the national capacities on environmental information. Furthermore, that should promote open public access to information through compatible and freely available exchange tools.

The pilot project was initiated by the national authorities and supported by the European Environment Agency, aiming at establishing small scale SEIS for the Lake Sevan basin in Armenia.

A background paper on Lake Sevan has been prepared to provide baseline information and data flows available for the basin, and to develop and implement small scale SEIS for Lake Sevan in Armenia. It describes existing environmental issues in the basin, as well as ongoing monitoring activities by various organizations and their products and access conditions.

The national workshop on Lake Sevan SEIS attended by more than 30 participants from all key stakeholders took place on December 2, 2014 in Armenia. During the workshop the representatives of different organizations presented their activities and spoke on information availability. The participants agreed on publishing and visualization of current information (selected indicators) on an eco-portal related to Lake Sevan, as the most efficient and appropriate way for SEIS for Lake Seven in Armenia.

Statistical information, including environmental statistics, is collected in two types of statistical forms: State statistical forms and administrative statistical forms.

Changes in information collection forms, establishment of new forms depends on information demand/need, it is a dynamic process.

Environmental data holders are responsible for quality assurance / quality control (QA / QC) of the data before reporting to the National Statistic Service.

National Statistic Service closely cooperates with the Ministry of Nature Protection as well as other environmental information holders in order to receive, manage and publish complete and timely data on selected 16 indicators on eco-portal.

Eco-portal is open to general public and for use by relevant professionals.  Information on the Lake Sevan Basin and Gegharkunik Marz (an administrative region) of Armenia is included. The content and structure of the eco-portal will later be used as a model for the nation-wide environmental SEIS.

Letter of intent between the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA, National Statistical Service of RA and the European Environment Agency


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